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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tips for healthy living:

Tips for healthy living:

I live in Ranchi, state capital of Jharkhand where people wear Helmets not for their safety but to be safe from traffic police. They go to their office which is not so far from their home but uses cars leaving behind terrific road jam. It is ridiculous.

By the way there is also a culture in our society to show status through spending lot of money and buying new model of cars & bikes. I think we must use bicycle around 5 kilometers of dwelling or working places. It will not harm our status in any way. It will be good for health, pollution free environment & our society. I think if there is no necessity we must avoid using cars or motor cycle. It will minimize pollution, save crude oils, fuels and money for our better future. There should be a law for this in our country & for first step Government must strictly ban cars & bikes for school & college going students’ because they are misusing technology and second we must adopt one family one car culture.

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