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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Superstition and Science – A contradiction in Contemporary Society

Ranchi, Sep 1, 2013.

Sarita Anand Memorial Lecture 2013 on Superstition and Science – A contradiction in Contemporary Society was organized by Jharkhand Science forum and Science for Society on 1st  September, 2013 at BIT (Birsa Institute of Technology) Lalpur campus. Proff. Sisir Kumar and Dr B.M. Karan were in the presidium. Condolence on Mrs. Sarita Anand an activist/organizer of rationalist movement specially among children and on Dr. Narendra Dabholkar who was murdered in Pune by fundamentalist forces who are oppose to anti superstition Bill and rationalist movement in Maharastra. Samir Das placed a subject reference note.

Dr. Narendra Nayak, Proff. Kasturba Gandhi Medical College, Mangalore and president of FIRA (Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations) was the main speaker who made scathing attack on miracle and god man activities, misleading society taking advantages of weak scientific temper in society. Now days god men are also adopting modern technology to mislead common people. He said that in absence of sufficient health delivery system and due to poor scientific temper among people do resort to god men and unscientific medical treatments. Dr Nayak commented that Ayurveda could be very useful if scientific research and development had taken place in that field. He exposed the misuse of Yoga and tall claims of treating Cancer and AIDS etc through this. He informed that after Maharatra, Karnataka government is also going to adopt Anti Superstition Bill. Oddisha High Court has state directed government to frame similar law. Dr. Nayak emphasized the need of all India rationalist movement so that Anti Superstition Bills can be adopted throughout the country. Dr. Nayak clarified that rationalist movement and such bills have nothing against any religion and worshiping etc. It only wants to rescue human lives from the deprivation. He announced that two person from each district of India will be trained to scientifically expose misdeeds of miracle men.

Dr. Ramesh Sharan, eminent economist while addressing impressed upon the need of continued education on rational health practices in respect to breast feeding, safe pregnancy and delivery, use of vaccination and iron supplementation etc. Dr. Sharan aided that there is a need to sympathetically understand the rationale behind some of the traditional practices. Dr. Sharan emphasized that the property, land relations and hegemony of Ojhas are the main reason behind Dayan (witchery) Pratha. Encouragement reasoning and adopt scientific temper requires continued campaigns.

Dr. K.K. Nag, ex Vice Chancellor, Ranchi University stated that study of truth i.e. science is the only method to advance society. He suggested to persue state government to organize a minimum training program for primary and secondary teachers for the development of scientific temper. This will have future reflection on students and society to overcome superstition.

More than 150 delegates from different box of life such as Professors, students, youth research scholars, engineers, medical men came from Lohardaga, Dhanabad, Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Hazaribagh and Ranchi showing great enthusiasm to carry forward science and rationalist movements against superstition existing in society.

Dr. Prabhat Singh and DNS Anand  co ordinate the program.

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