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Young India Movement

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Imperialism: Enemy of the world

Unite and fight against Imperialism : Shashikant Singh
We have seen the cruel face of Imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know the pain of Latin America, Vietnam and the great struggle of Cuba. We know the dangerous motto, of Imperialism. There is only profit and humanity is killed there brutally. Innocence is thrown to their fate to die in the smell of explosives. The attack of Imperialism is going on with bloodshed and destruction to capture the resources of poor and under developing countries. The Imperialist globalization and financial opening is resulting in a net flow of resources from the developing countries to the advanced economy. Our Country has witnessed Imperialism for the long period and has suffered the cruel British Rule. However, untill today we have not yet overcome the impact of Imperialism in our country. After Independent the ruling classes, corporatist and the so-called leaders of our country are following the path of Imperialism blindly and crushing most of the India. Divide and rule', and not let them to raise their head. In the name of development of all, they are capturing the resources for few. The Government policies have failed to address the needs, Sentiments and problems of 70 % of Indians and are favoring liberalization and privatization to promote the interests of International finance capital with the guideline of America.

Therefore, it is the time to raise our hands and head against the Imperialism and all of its approaches. Only as a simple youth of India, I want to admit here that India needs Joint movements of working class, peasants with the great alliance of students, youths and of all of them who wants to change the current situations. We have to combat at every level against semi feudal, semi colonial and semi capitalists forces that have deep collaboration with Imperialism. India needs democratic revolution, as the Independence was only the transfer of power. Parliamentary system and constitutions exists in our country today never reflects our needs and hopes; it is formed with the mindset of British Rule and reflects imperialistic attitudes. India is still in the era of extreme backwardness and is divided into casts, religions and regions. We have to break the Great Wall of China between our society and understandings. At the same time, it is challenge for us by the risk of rising Fascism in our country as the communal forces are strong and in chance of any opportunity, but for revolution we have to pass through the way of social revolution and only after this phase we can covert this movement towards the path of democratic movement to Revolution. Shashikant.

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